Boston-Power Overview

Boston-Power was founded in 2005 in Boston, Massachusetts with the goal of greatly improving the quality
and safety of energy storage technologies that promoted environmental sustainability. Today, as a global
supplier of lithium-ion battery products, Boston-Power's innovative chemistry and cell design deliver industry
leading energy density, wide operating temperature, long life and safety.

Having found initial commercial success in portable power applications, Boston-Power's customers, such
as Hewlett-Packard and ASUS were able to offer "green" battery solutions with long life warranties for the
first time in the notebook industry. Today, Boston-Power's cell technology has been optimized to meet the
demanding requirements of electric vehicles (EV). Beyond it's core chemistry and cell design, Boston-Power is
also a leading developer of battery technologies for large format energy storage systems.

Boston-Power's products are being incorporated into a wide range of transportation applications spanning
eBikes, low-speed vehicles, passenger cars and electric buses around the globe. Having established itself as a
global automotive supplier, Boston-Power has achieved ISO/TS 16949 certification which validates that its
design, development and manufacturing processes meet the highest standards for excellence in the automotive

Beyond electric vehicles, Boston-Power's products are used in a wide range of industrial and consumer
electronics applications spanning medical equipment, robotics, aerospace, stationary power, electric
lawnmowers, specialty lighting, tracking devices and remote sensing. Boston-Power has been a long time
supplier to NASA where its technology is being developed for us in battery packs for robots and space vehicles.

Given China's goal to establish itself as a leader in clean technology and energy storage, Boston-Power has
committed engineering and manufacturing investments combined with building customer and government
relationships to becoming a leading technology supplier to China's EV market. Funded by top-tier venture
capital firms GSR Ventures, Foundation Asset Management and Oak Investment Partners, the most recent
investment of $120 million served to fund the first phase of a state-of-the-art automated cell manufacturing
facility with capacity of producing 1 GWh of energy storage products – able to supply 45,000 battery electric
vehicles (BEV).

Boston-Power is a global company with R&D and engineering centers of excellence in Westborough, MA
and Beijing, China as well as production facilities in both China and Taiwan. Having filed over 150 patent
applications encompassing a wide range of energy storage technologies and systems, Boston-Power has been
issued over 90 patents.