Sonny Wu


Sonny Wu is Chairman of the Board of Directors and also serves as Acting CEO of Boston-Power. Sonny co-founded GSR Ventures in 2004 following a series of senior-level positions with Nortel Networks, Shanghai ASMC, Shanghai Nortel Semiconductors Corporation and Guangdong Nortel Telecom Corporation. He was raised in China and completed his education in engineering physics at the University of British Columbia, the University of California at Berkeley, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a Sloan Fellow.

Alex Pan


Alex Pan is President of Boston-Power. He focuses primarily on investments in green technology. Alex was co-founder of Asia Wireless Technology. He also held various senior positions with Nortel Networks China. He has deep industry and government connections in the telecommunications and auto sectors. Alex holds a master's degree of law from Nanjing University and a B.S. in engineering from Zhejiang University. He is also a graduate of the Hopkins-Nanjing Center.

Rick Chamberlain


Dr. Chamberlain is a recognized expert in lithium-ion battery technology with over 15 years of experience in the industry. Part of the original Boston-Power team, Dr. Chamberlain leads intellectual property development focused on the commercialization of lithium-ion cell and battery technology and products, including development of lithium-ion batteries for application into electric vehicles. Dr. Chamberlain earned his BS in Chemistry from the College of William & Mary; and his PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley. Dr.

Simon Vieira-Ribeiro

Chief Financial Officer

Simon Vieira-Ribeiro is acting Chief Financial Officer. Before joining Boston-Power, Simon was a senior manager at Nortel Networks China, responsible for WCDMA product marketing. He was also instrumental in securing major Tier 1 wireless account wins in South Korea and the United States. Simon holds a Bachelor of Applied Science degree from the University of British Columbia.

Dr. Wayne Yuan

GM Engineering

Dr. Yuan is a highly skilled Engineering Executive. He has over twenty years of experience in the automotive industry, including 10 years of engineering management experience working for leading automotive manufacturers. Dr. Yuan earned his B. S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, from the Beijing Institute of Technology, and his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, at the University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA. Dr. Yuan has published over 20 research papers, in addition to holding various honors and awards. Dr. Yuan joined Boston-Power in 2012.

Jackie He

SVP Finance

Jackie He is the Senior Vice President of Finance at Boston- Power. Ms. He has over 20 years of financial management experience in multinational companies, including Nortel Networks, Yahoo!, APC, Schneider Electric, Hologic, and other Fortune 500 corporations with roles as Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Finance. Ms. He holds an MBA from the Universityof Toronto in Canada and a Bachelor of Law from University of International Relations.

Yuxin Feng

GM Sales & Marketing

With 20 years of experience in multinational companies, Mr. Feng has held numerous positions at Lenovo Group Ltd., including, research and development, product marketing, sales, business operations and international business management. Most notably, Mr. Feng was the core team leader of global business expansion at Lenovo. Joined Boston-Power in 2009, and successfully established BPI in China's EV market. Graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China with a Master's degree in Computer Science.

Jones Rau

GM Operations

Jones Rau is the General Manager of operations at Boston-Power. With abundant experiences in the Li-ion battery manufacturing industry for over 15 years, Rao is skilled in development of active substance, cell, test machine, assembly technology and assembly production line, cell factory layout and battery packmass production. Rau has served as President special assistant in Neosonic Energy Technology, in charge of all technical departments including research, development, manufacturer and process engineering.