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"We look forward to forming a partnership with Boston-Power and exploring win-win opportunities in the energy storage and EV markets. Working together, SPI Energy and Boston-Power will create a powerful clean energy chain for the transportation industry in China, spanning power generation, power storage, EV rentals and financial services."
-Xiaofeng Peng, Chairman and CEO of SPI Energy


The Mining Report
..."The megafactories will be needed to drive down costs significantly. Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA) , LG Chem Ltd. (LGCLF) , Boston-Power Inc., Foxconn Technology Group and, most recently, Chinese electric vehicle producer BYD (1211:HKSE) have all announced plans to build them. Meanwhile majors like Samsung SDI have announced significant expansions of existing operations. The battery industry is preparing for a surge in demand and its next phase of growth."


Clean Technica
...Boston-Power: A lithium-ion battery company aiming to produce batteries at a large scale for super-affordable electric cars in China, Boston-Power is reportedly in the process of scaling up its battery production capacity to the gigawatt scale.


Green Car Congress

Li-ion battery maker Boston-Power Inc. (earlier post) recently launched its Ensemble Module System; a “kit” of standard components that provides OEMs and pack assemblers with a simple, cost-effective way to assemble large format battery pack solutions for electric vehicle (EV) and energy storage system (ESS) applications. Available in 155 Wh and 116 Wh increments, module designs can be created to meet a wide variety of voltage and capacity requirements.


...Electric motors generate heat and placing batteries and other electronics in close proximity to them is likely to have a deleterious effect on the batteries. Zehus claims they've addressed this concern by using cells produced by Boston Power, the only manufacturer they've found whose battery is sufficiently heat tolerant.


CHARGED Electric Vehicles Magazine

Boston-Power has announced its new Ensemble Module System, a kit of standard components designed to provide a simple, cost-effective way to assemble large-format battery pack solutions for EV and stationary storage applications. Available in 155 Wh and 116 Wh increments, module designs can be created to meet a wide variety of voltage and capacity requirements.


A racing team from Purdue University emerged victorious Thursday in the fourth Purdue International Electric Vehicle Grand Prix at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.


..."The new type of battery, sourced from US supplier Boston Power, promises greater lifespan and durability."


CHARGED Electric Vehicle Magazine
Hybrid Tech Holdings, one of the companies seeking to acquire Fisker Automotive’s assets in bankruptcy court, has formed an alliance with Massachusetts-based battery supplier Boston-Power. As reported by Delaware Online, the new alliance could help Hybrid Tech compete with Chinese auto parts giant Wanxiang, which has submitted a rival bid. Fisker’s future is expected to be decided in a hearing scheduled for February 12.


GT Spirit
Hybrid Tech Holdings, the company looking to purchase the remaining assets of Fisker Automotive has just announced its partnership with Boston-Power. This partnership will involve Boston-Power investigation new, advanced battery technologies and is one of the key components of Hybrid Tech Holding’s bid to purchase Fisker.